1. Introduction

Enneagram Enthusiasts, Friends, Students, and Teachers,

We need your input! We recognize that in this unprecedented moment, in our head, heart, and body, we are working overtime to cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in our lives, families, communities, and the world at large. We believe this is the perfect time to capture how each Enneagram Type is dealing with this crisis. We presume that most of us are having reactions such as anger, fear, and panic. To what degree and how that is manifesting in our individual lives remains the yet-told story.

We wonder what specific resources are supporting each of the Types as we find ways to ground, stay present, and stabilize ourselves in this moment.  We also are deeply curious about your insights and the lessons you are learning as you navigate your inner and outer terrains. How each Type handles these strong emotions/reactions and what resources they find most helpful can provide enlightening instruction for all of us.

We are asking you to contribute to this project by simply answering 6 questions to help us capture your personal experience. We will curate the data and share the results with anyone who has participated. We’re hoping that you will take a little time out of your day to let us know where you are.

 We look forward to hearing from you and sharing the results with all of you.

We deeply appreciate our Enneagram friends.  Knowing we’re all in this together helps.

Mary Anne Wampler and Theresa Gale