The Englewood Line is an elevated railroad that is being proposed as a trail to add critical recreational, educational, and employment opportunities in Englewood. This survey is designed to gather community input on various trail aspects to help build a vision for the proposed Englewood Line. Thank you for your time and feedback!


* 1. How do you get around the neighborhood? [select all that apply]

* 2. Do you visit these places in the neighborhood at least once per month, particularly during warmer months? [select all that apply]

* 3. How can a trail benefit Englewood? [select all that apply]

* 4. How would you use the trail? [select all that apply]

* 5. What elements do you look for in a trail? [select all that apply]

* 6. Have you been on any of these trails? [select all that apply]

* 7. Do you live in Englewood?

* 8. Do you want to stay informed on the project? If yes, please provide your email address.