* 1. Please answer the following questions.

Date format: xx/xx/xxxx

* 2. Did you complete the ENGL103 Library Tutorial before today's session?

* 3. Where do you search for books in Blackwell Library?

* 4. Which of the following is a Library of Congress call number?

* 5. To research the topic "The Green Movement on college campuses," which of the following is NOT a good search strategy:

* 6. Which of the following is the BEST place to search for magazine and journal articles:

* 7. Which characteristics are TRUE of scholarly journal articles?

* 8. Which of the following citations is for a scholarly journal article?

* 9. Where is the BEST place to get help if you get stuck in your research?

* 10. Of everything covered in the session, what did you find to be the most helpful/useful?

* 11. How could the session be improved?

* 12. Additional comments: