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The objective of this survey is to gather data on the level of engagement people currently have in their work, identify specific areas that are contributing (or not) to their engagement and provide a framework for increased engagement and productivity.  We will publish a report on results and provide guidance on key areas that require more efforts on the part of corporations.  The results will also enable the identification of sectors that currently contribute to a higher level of engagement.  Ultimately, your input will likely contribute to guide organizations that so desire, to adopt behaviors and structures that will contribute to higher rates of engagement, job satisfaction and improved returns on their Human Resources Investments.

It usually take about 5 minutes to complete the survey.

Please note that no IP addresses will be collected by Aseret Congruence and, unless you specifically ask for a report, you will not be receiving any correspondence from us.  The results will be published on our website at www.aseret-uido.com and via our Facebook page.  A message will also appear on LinkedIn once the report is completed.

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* 1. What is your job role?

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* 2. Which of the following best describes your professional sector of activities

12% of survey complete.