Expressions of Interest: Engage Memorial 2014

Thanks for your interest in Engage Memorial: a week of learning about, and celebration of, public engagement collaborations between Memorial University and the broader community. Engage Memorial will be held from February 10-14, 2014.

We welcome expressions of interest from departments, units and groups who wish to lead an Engage Memorial activity. The type or scope of the activity is up to you, as long as it reflects the definition and values of Public Engagement as outlined in Memorial’s Public Engagement Framework. Ideally, activities will involve one or more public partners in the content or in the execution of the activity.
Learn more about Memorial's Public Engagement Framework:


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* 13. Might you be interested in providing a booth at Public Engagement Fest on February 12, 2014?

Public Engagement Fest is a half-day fair of engaging exhibits, booths, workshops and performances. It will be held at the Arts & Culture Centre and will be open to the public and to the university community.

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