Thanks for your interest in Pecan Street's Energy Switch.

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If you would like to receive information about availability of the Energy Switch in your area and an estimated cost, please provide the following information. Some of the questions are a bit detailed and may be easier to answer if you're at home and have access to your electricity bill. All of your answers will be kept confidential.

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* 2. Please provide the name of your electricity provider (electric company). If you don't know or are unsure, please enter "Don't Know."

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* 3. To help us estimate the optimal size of energy storage system for your home, please provide the number of kilowatt hours of electricity (kWh) your home consumed from the grid (the amount of electricity you were billed for) for each month of the last calendar year.

Most utilities have an option online to export a .csv or PDF that shows your monthly breakdown in kWh all in one document.

SOLAR ENERGY CUSTOMERS: Please note that we would like to know the amount of electricity provided to you BY YOUR UTILITY. This will be different than the amount of energy your home USED each month.