Thank you for your interest in becoming an Energizer. By volunteering just a few hours a year, you'll be helping Corvallis become one of the most energy efficient communities in the nation. 

  • You define your Energizer network. Your network can be a geographic location such as your block, your neighborhood, or your apartment or townhouse building. Your network can also be a social group such as your colleagues at work, your parent-teacher association, your church, your reading group, or your sports team.
  • You decide how to get the word out. We’ll give you an Energize Corvallis flyer to share with your network four times a year. You can email the flyer to your network or you can pick up copies of the flyer and hand them out.
  • You decide when to get the word out. You’ll have a whole month to send your email or distribute your flyers, so you can pick the time that is just right for you and your network. 

Please provide your contact information below. (We won't share your contact information with other groups or people.)

Is your Energizer network based on a geographic location or a social group?