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The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) is conducting a market survey on Distribution Automation RTUs and would appreciate your input.

Who are we? ENCS is a non-profit member organization that helps grid operators reduce their cyber-security risks. We are conducting this market survey on behalf of our member grid operators: Alliander, EDP Distribuição, ENEL, Enexis, EVN, Stedin and Tennet.

Why do we need your input? We would like to validate if the requirements we have developed are feasible for products currently available on the market. For several years, ENCS has been supporting its members to procure secure equipment. This year, ENCS is updating its security requirements for various device types considering both changes in EU regulation and certification schemes as well as members’ security risks and constraints.

What will we do with the responses? The outcomes of this market survey are shared exclusively with ENCS members in the form of a report, NOT with other vendors. Based on the analysis, we seek to adjust our security requirements, which will be used by ENCS members when procuring Distribution Automation RTUs. Further, RTUs will be tested against the adjusted requirements, either through the ENCS members or potentially directly for the vendor.

For what devices should you fill in the survey? We are looking for information about distribution automation RTUs used in medium voltage transformer or transport substations and automatic circuit recloser controllers applied to overhead distribution lines.

Need to have your responses reviewed or approved by a manager? Don’t worry, you can access the survey until December 6 to modify your answers through the same link. ENCS will only start processing your responses after the survey has been closed.

Please note that we collect personally identifiable information within this survey to allow for follow-up questions, if required. ENCS has completed a Data Processing Agreement with SurveyMonkey to ensure that your data is handled in compliance with GDPR.

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