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Is your product data ready for B2B e-commerce?

Answer five simple questions and find out if your product information is ready for B2B e-commerce.
It only takes one minute.

Once you have completed the test, we will analyze your results and give you specific advice on how to optimize your product data so that you achieve the greatest possible success with your online store.

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1. To what extent are your products described so that online customers can search for and find the information that is important to them?

The information that is relevant will vary from product to product, but the common denominator is that it is the information that the customer needs to be able to make a purchase decision. Dimensions, materials, color, etc. are obvious, but it may also be a matter of production capacity, warranty period, etc.

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2. To what extent do you use consistent concepts?

When product information comes from several sources, the lack of a consistent description is a common problem. A length may be described as "20mm", ”20 mm” or just "20” in different systems. Only when all the product features are consistently described will it be easy to filter the products in the webshop well.

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3. Are your products logically grouped?

The internal grouping of a company's products does not necessarily make sense to a customer. For a wholesaler, products may be grouped by supplier, and this is not always most relevant for the customer, who will focus more closely on the key product features.

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4. To what extent is your product information search-engine friendly?

Even the best online store is worthless if customers cannot find it. There are many things to consider in relation to search engine optimization, but one of the most important is to incorporate the relevant search words into your product description. SEO-friendly product text is an important element in ensuring that customers can quickly find the products that are relevant to them.

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5. To what extent do you have good pictures and/or videos of your products?

The basic product information is text-based, but don't forget the visual part of your product data. Good pictures and videos are crucial to the customer's experience of the online store, and it must be remembered that customers are used to stylish online stores when shopping in a B2C context.

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