* 2. Rate your overall experience with the Eugene Marathon

* 3. Think about your end to end experience with the Eugene Marathon. How would you rate the following?

  Horrible Could be better Just what I expected Good Outstanding! N/A
Social Media 
Pre-race Communication
Runner's Expo
Mile Markers
Water Stations
Number of Bathrooms
Condition of Bathrooms
Finish Line Experience
Finish Festival Amenities
Race Weekend Events

* 8. If you travelled more than 50 miles, how many other people travelled with you to the Eugene Marathon?

* 9. Any additional comments?

* 10. Did you notice any of the following sustainable features of this year’s race?

* 11. How likely are you to choose a marathon or half-marathon based on sustainability attributes?

* 12. Do you have any recommendations for how we can make the 2018 Eugene Marathon more environmentally-friendly?