The doctor-patient relationship has changed significantly over the years, with a growing emphasis on the patient talking, the doctor listening and understanding their needs. There has also been an increasing move towards shared decision-making.

However, there are also challenges in this engagement, sometimes with frustrations experienced on both sides.

The objective of this survey is to gain an understanding of the experiences of people living with arthritis in their engagement with consultant rheumatologists and GPs. It is open to adults over 16 living with any form of arthritis or related condition (e.g. fibromyalgia, lupus, etc.). It may also be completed by a parent or guardian on behalf of someone under 16 living with arthritis. 

In parallel with this patient survey, we are conducting research with doctors to understand their experiences in dealing with patients.

Arising from this research, we will develop a suite of resources to support people with arthritis in their consultations with doctors. 

This is an anonymous survey. You will not be asked for any personal information in the survey that would identify you. The data will be stored securely. 

We are very grateful to you for taking the time to participate in this research. Your insights and experiences are essential to this project.

You can access help and support at any time via our website and social media channels. Our helpline is open, Monday-Friday at 0818 252 846.

This patient empowerment project is supported by AbbVie. AbbVie have not had any input into the development of this survey. 
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