Houston Baptist University engages in ongoing assessment for the improvement of educator preparation programs. As part of this process, we are asking employers of our graduates to complete the following survey of Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Competencies as delineated by the State of Texas. We are attempting to assess how well our recent graduates (1-5 years) are prepared in these competencies (Preparedness Rating). Thank you for assisting us with this important process.

(If you have worked with multiple graduates from HBU, rate them as a group.)

* 1. Selects learner-centered and developmentally appropriate instructional content

* 2. Uses diversity in the classroom and the community to enrich all students’ learning experiences.

* 3. Plans and adapts lessons to address students’ varied backgrounds, skills interests and learning needs including the needs of English language learners and students with disabilities

* 4. Exhibits strong working knowledge of subject matter and central themes/concepts of the discipline.

* 5. Plans instruction so that activities progress in a logical sequence and support instructional goals (TEKS/TAKS)

* 6. Stimulates reflection, critical thinking and inquiry among students.

* 7. Establishes a classroom environment of courtesy and respect that is safe, nurturing, inclusive, and productive.

* 8. Organizes activities, applies procedures, and manages time in ways that promote student learning, appropriate behavior, and ethical work habits in the classroom.