Submission Form

Please provide details related to current and/or prospective initiatives related to innovation at Emory University. The Office of the Provost is seeking submissions that:
  • Foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship while nurturing excellence in faculty research/scholarship
  • Protect the best interests of faculty across the enterprise
  • Clearly align with the student experience (One Emory) and faculty eminence
  • Create clearly defined access pathways for members of Emory's academic community
Thank you for your participation and interest.

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* 5. Referring to the guidelines listed above, briefly describe how this initiative or organization fosters innovation at Emory. (100 words)

* 6. Where is this initiative or organization based?

* 7. Emory schools and units currently and/or potentially involved

* 8. If this initiative or organization is based at Emory, please list the names of any non-Emory partners for this initiative or organization.

* 9. If this initiative or organization is not based at Emory, please indicate where it is based.