The goal of this survey is intended to gather input from a diverse range of stakeholders in the Mount Kisco community. We hope to hear from residents, workers, property and business owners, representatives of community organizations, and anyone else who is interested in the future of the Village. The survey will help frame the key challenges facing Mount Kisco today and in the coming years, as well as how members of the community envision the future of the Village.

Individual responses are confidential—results of the survey will be tabulated and shared in summary form only. There are 40 questions, mostly multiple choice. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

The Survey will be open from May 3 – May 31.

Please take the survey in one or more sessions using the same device and browser. Your progress will be saved for each completed page in your device and browser and you can resume here anytime. To save any survey page hit "NEXT". To edit your answers hit "PREV" and edit. To submit your survey hit "DONE".