Welcome and Introduction

Welcome and Introduction 

A very warm welcome to the Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool. The Tool launched in October 2018 and will evolve in response to feedback from users. Our aim is to continue to develop the Tool and over time to maximise its practical value for anybody who wants to understand the Entrepreneurial Mindset, to develop their entrepreneurial behaviours and enjoy the benefits of thinking and acting in a more entrepreneurial manner.

We recommend that you take your time to read this introductory page before using the Tool.  Although you might be eager to get started straight away, reading this introduction will help you to understand the purpose and best use of the Tool.  In turn, this will make sure that you gain the maximum benefits from using the Tool.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our definition of the entrepreneurial mindset is distinctive because we propose that anybody can benefit from the mindset, not just entrepreneurs. To help you to start to become more entrepreneurial we have developed a mnemonic, based on a systematic analysis of published research and professional practice.  Each letter of the world MINDSET corresponds to 1 essential entrepreneurial goal that you can learn to integrate into your work.  The mnemonic is: -

meet a real need
never compromise
dare to take a risk
see the big picture
exercise for productivity
take the initiative

Underpinning each of the 7 goals is a set of entrepreneurial behaviours that will help you to work towards achieving the goal.

The Tool

Our Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool will guide you through an analysis of your entrepreneurial behaviours and help you to discover priorities for your personal development.  The Tool provides a rigorous framework, incorporating detailed definitions of entrepreneurial behaviours.  At the same time this framework is broad enough to adapt to a variety of work sectors and to respect the different needs of each individual.  

The Tool will present you with a series of questions based on the Entrepreneurial Mindset mnemonic.  The questions are grouped into 7 sections, one for each entrepreneurial goal.  Within each section there are at least 6 questions. Most of the questions will ask you to make a choice between two behaviours.  You should choose the one which you feel most closely describes your current behaviour.  

Getting the Most from the Tool

You should allow at least 20 minutes for completing all the questions, but you may want to take longer so that you can gain maximum benefit.

Each section includes a text box where you can make notes of ideas that occur to you and record any actions that you might consider taking.  People who make use of this text box tend to report higher levels of satisfaction with the usefulness of the the Tool.

As long as you use the same device to access the Tool, you can return at any time in the future to update your answers.  So you always have access to a live document that can support your ongoing self-reflection and action-planning as you continue to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

Data Analysis

Any information that your provide to the Tool is treated in the strictest confidence. Results are analysed at the individual level only for the purposes of providing individual feedback. Otherwise, analysis is only conducted to produce summative results, without identifying any individuals. By using the Tool you are, therefore, contributing to an ongoing research project which will provide greater understanding for you and the other members of our Network.

Use the Tool

We hope the above information has now prepared you. When you are ready press NEXT


The questions in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission or communicated without an acknowledgment of authorship and copyright. © 2018 Entrepreneurial Mindset Network.