Overview and Selection Criteria

The BUILD Initiative is launching an Equity Leaders Action Network (ELAN) to support individual leaders, over three years, who have responsibility at the state or county level for early childhood systems. ELAN leaders will work together to identify, address and take action on issues of inequity based on race, ethnicity, language and culture in our early childhood state systems. The intention of the ELAN is to:

• Support leaders in developing the will and skill to question personal assumptions, institutional and structural policies and practices, and work collaboratively to develop a blueprint to promote early childhood systems that are explicitly and measurably equitable and excellent for all children.
• Build the capacity of members to critically examine, with a racial equity lens, institutional and structural policies and practices in the distribution of state and federal resources (funding and services).
• Advance change to avoid disadvantaging racially and ethnically diverse children, families and members of the early childhood workforce.

Individuals will be selected based on the below criteria. Applications are due no later than 5 pm ET on July 30, 2015.

• Description of personal goals.
• Alignment of interest of the state or county early childhood system with advancing an equitable early childhood system.
• Ability to participate in the required induction session December 1-3, 2015.
• Efforts to balance the group across early learning, health and family support.
• Demographic and geographic diversity and distribution.

*Additional consideration will be given to applications that contain at least one letter of support from your immediate supervisor or some other person with authority in the early childhood system. These should be emailed to Blanche Stokes at bstokes@buildinitiative.org.