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On December 15, 2015, President Barack Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act ESSA) , a national education law that replaced the No Child Left Behind Act and subsequent state waivers for education policy.  The passage of ESSA was described by the Wall Street Journal as the “largest devolution of federal control to the states in a quarter century.” 

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander, Chairperson of the U.S. Senate Education Committee and recognized by many as the “architect” of ESSA referred to the new law by stating, “What I believe is that when we take the handcuffs off, we’ll unleash a whole flood of innovation and ingenuity, classroom by classroom, state by state, that will benefit children.”

On April 14, 2016, Governor David Ige announced how Hawaii would work toward a new vision and seize the opportunity provided for by the Every Student Succeeds Act.   Governor Ige announced the formation of the “Governor’s ESSA Team” and stated that  “the governor’s team will work to develop a blue print for Hawai‘i’s public schools that is consistent with ESSA and will maximize opportunities and possibilities for Hawai‘i to transform education.”

On April 28, 2016, nineteen members of the Governor’s ESSA Team convened for the first of many meetings to develop "Hawaii's Blueprint for Public Education." 
As a result of input from more than twenty (20)  town hall meetings or community forums held across the state attended by over three thousand stakeholders and community members, the Governor's ESSA Team is sharing a draft of the Hawaii Blueprint for Public Education for your review.   
We welcome your feedback and input.
Thank you!
Members of the Governor's ESSA Team

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