The Little Theatre is planning a project to re-design a space in theater #3 to make it more multi-purpose and useful to more members of the community.  This initiative includes a programming component which will identify a plan for new youth-centered monthly programs.  The questions below will help gauge interest and collect information on the type of programming plan that will be most useful/ accessible and needed in our community. 

* 1. Please tell us what level you teach

* 2. [Optional] What school and/ or district are you employed by?

* 3. Every year the Little hosts multiple screenings during school hours for classes.  These screenings are generally planned by teachers to supplement or add value to their curriculum. Do you see value in your students attending a screening at the Little?

* 4. Does your school offer any sort of film/ filmmaking class OR club OR a class where making a film is part of the curriculum?

* 5. If you answered yes to the question above, please indicate what type of film/ filmmaking class or club is available to students at your school

* 6. Would the Little be a useful and viable venue to show student work on the big screen?  Works shown at the Little on the big screen in the past for youth/ student groups/ classes have included senior projects, final projects, portfolio projects, etc.

* 7. If the Little offered free curated screenings outside of school hours for students with discussions on filmmaking and/or film theory following the film, would you offer extra credit to students who attended these screenings?

* 8. What time of day/evening would be best for youth-targeted screenings at the Little?

* 9. What types of films do you think would be most valuable to students at these free screenings? (ex. historical, documentaries, foreign, art house films, etc.)

* 10. [Optional] Please provide your name and contact info below if you would like to learn more.  Email address and/or phone number