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Welcome to the planetary health education content submission portal. The Planetary Health Alliance is working to curate a collection of planetary health teaching materials to serve as a rich open-access and globally-accessible resource, designed to infuse existing disciplines with planetary health concepts and educate the next generation of planetary health scholars. The process of collecting and collating existing teaching materials on planetary health topics serves as a key component in building a planetary health community worldwide. Input from international networks will produce materials that are contextually relevant around the world. 

All of the content in the collection is licensed for sharing and modification under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0), with attribution. By submitting your content, you agree that you are the sole creator of the content OR you own the copyright to the content, AND you grant rights to the Planetary Health Alliance to make the content publicly available. The content license agreement is provided on page 2 of this survey. 

We very much appreciate your engagement!

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