Hey kids! We're building an interactive educational game for the classroom to teach the importance of learning how to use the Web and cell phones. We need your input to help us develop a game that kids like you will love. We promise it will only take a few minutes.

* 1. First, tell us a little bit about you. What grade are you going into next?

* 2. One more question about you, and then we'll move on.

* 3. Now, a little bit about the game. There are six topics in the game: Safety and Security, Privacy & Reputation, Community & Cyberbullying, Creation & Copyright, Website Evaluation & Online Search, and Cell Phone. Each of these topic areas will include one or two fun games. Kids will get a badge for finishing each game; when all five topic areas are finished, kids will get their "license" and will be able to go online by themselves. Does this sound like a game you'd want to play?

* 4. Which of the below names do you like best for this game?

* 5. Can you think of any other fun names that might describe this product? If so, please list them here. If not, you can skip this question.

* 6. What do you think of the idea of getting a license before you go online for the first time?

* 7. Now we're going to describe a few of the mini-games to you, and we'd like to know if they sound fun.

  Love it Like it Don't care about it Don't like it Hate it Don't get it.
Share/Over-Share: choose how much to share with other people online. A "crystal ball" shows how your life turned out based on your choices.
Create a fun song online from published music. Learn the proper legal steps to save your song.
Read some information from the web. Slam a button to show whether you trust the information or source.

* 8. Now we're going to ask you to rate the topics we're going to cover in this game in order of importance to you.

  1 (most important) 2 3 4 5 6 (least important) I don't get it.
Safety & Security: Learn how to stay safe and guard against identity theft.
Reputation & Privacy: Learn about what's OK and not OK to share online, and the consequences of oversharing.
Community & Cyberbullying: Learn what to do when cyberbullying happens, and think about responsibilities to the online community.
Creation & Copyright: Learn the importance of giving and getting credit for creative work online.
Website Evaluation & Online Search: Learn how to search the right way and find good websites.
The Cell Phone 411: Learn how to make the right choices when you're using a cell phone.

* 9. Based on what you've heard about the game, is this something you might play at home as well as at school?

* 10. We want to reward players for completing each game. What kinds of rewards would you like?

Thanks again for taking the time to complete our survey!