In partnership with Guild, UpSkill America is launching a new fellowship designed specifically to invest in the next generation of corporate education, skilling, and career leaders. The Fellowship is an exclusive learning and professional growth series for early- to mid-career education, skilling, and career mobility program managers and administrators at organizations affiliated with Guild, built to equip Fellows with the skills and network they need to thrive in current and future roles and to advance our shared goal of unlocking opportunity for America’s workforce. At the end of the Fellowship, we intend that Fellows will emerge with:
  • A more comprehensive understanding of the higher education, workforce, and career mobility ecosystem.
  • A better grasp of sources of high-quality, nonpartisan data, research, and information.
  • A robust network of peers and fellow problem-solvers.
  • A larger sphere of influence and higher-visibility profile among leaders.
  • A deeper commitment to equitable and high-quality education, skilling, and career mobility programming.
  • A deeper commitment to and intentionality about their own career path in corporate education, skilling, and economic mobility.
This Fellowship is tailored for administrators, managers, and non-executive team members who are responsible for education, skilling, and career mobility programs at companies that are current or prospective partners with Guild. Fellows may be individual contributors or manage small teams in early- and mid-career roles. The program is not intended for VPs, CLOs, CHROs, and other executive leaders.
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For direct questions, please contact Haley Glover, director of UpSkill America, at
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