1. Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and provide us your valuable feedback. Our goal is to explore all options creating a high-value event that best serves the needs of the industry. To help us accomplish this, provide a complete answer in each text box when providing responses to open-ended questions. Please refrain from referring to previous answers (i.e., “see above” or “see previous question”). Questions about completing the form? Contact EDmarket staffer Allegra Tasaki at atasaki@edmarket.org or 800.395.5550 extension 1025.

Question Title

* 1. What category best describes how you view yourself as a supplier? Please rank up to the top 3 that best apply to your company (If Other is a choice, please note the ranking number in the text box provided below).

  1--Ranked 1st 2--Ranked 2nd 3--Ranked 3rd
Classroom Decorative and Visual Aids
Classroom Supplies and/or Arts & Crafts
Early Childhood Products
Furniture and Equipment
Games and toys
Instructional Solutions Provider
Special Needs Supplier

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* 2. As the educational market continues to change, what do you consider to be the top three challenges facing your business?

Question Title

* 3. What are your top reasons for participating in an industry event? Please rank only the top three selections that best apply.

  1--Ranked 1st 2--Ranked 2nd 3--Ranked 3rd
Connect with Buying Influencers (i.e. bloggers, curriculum development, school business administrators)
Content/Educational Sessions (i.e. industry trends, best business practices)
Explore New Distribution Channels
Introduce New Products
Meet with Existing Distribution Channels
Network with Colleagues/Peers
Network with Industry Executives
Product Training and Merchandising
Promote Brand Awareness
Write Orders

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* 4. Based on your response above, what is the best time for an event that provides your company the greatest return on investment? (Please rank your top three, and please explain why in the box provided below.)

  1--Ranked 1st 2--Ranked 2nd 3--Ranked 3rd

Question Title

* 5. Please list what you consider to be the top three “pain points” preventing your business from reaching full potential.

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