Edge FM Your Community Radio - Your Say

Help us to provide a better community radio service to the Bega Valley.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. Town where you live?

* 3. Age

* 4. How many hours a week, on average, do you spend listening to the radio?

* 5. What radio station do you listen to the most?

* 6. Where do you listen to the radio the most?

* 7. What are the things you consider when you are deciding what station to listen to?

* 8. What type of music do you like or would like to listen to on the radio?

* 9. If you do NOT listen to Edge FM community radio, why?

* 10. When you listen to Edge FM community radio, what programs do you listen to?

* 11. Do you wish to be involved in your Local Community Radio, Edge FM?

* 12. Are there any programs or suggestions on what you would like to hear on Edge FM?

* 13. Fill in your name and phone number if you wish to be contacted by Edge FM