Welcome to the EnterpriseDB Website Survey!

We are conducting research to help us improve www.enterprisedb.com, and we are inviting you to participate as a visitor to the website. Learning about your expectations and your needs, and how effectively our website meets them (or doesn’t meet them), is critical to making these improvements.

This survey consists of 20 quick questions, and unless you choose to share your email address or phone number in your response to the last question, your answers will be anonymous.

Simply put, we want to find out why you visit www.enterprisedb.com, what tasks you need to perform there, how easy or difficult it is to accomplish these tasks, and what changes we could make to more effectively meet your needs.

Please Note:
We are specifically interested in hearing about your experiences with our main website (www.enterprisedb.com) and our blog (www.enterprisedb.com/postgres-plus-edb-blog); not our customer portal (my.enterprisedb.com) or our forums (forums.enterprisedb.com). Improvements to our customer portal and our forums are being undertaken as separate projects.

Thank you for helping us improve www.enterprisedb.com!