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The Executive Director presents his compliments and wishes to consult Members and members of the Private Sector Consultative Board on the way the ICO approaches documents by filling in the following online survey. The objective of the survey is to assist the ICO in considering the importance of the various documents prepared by the Secretariat and to assess whether translation of these documents is required. The survey should be completed by 24 July at the latest.

The following categories of documents are included in the survey:

International Coffee Council (ICC)
Key ICO documents (KID)
Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector Finance (CF)
Executive Director Communications (ED)
Finance and Administration Committee (FA)
Private Sector Consultative Board (PSCB)
Projects Committee (PJ)
Promotion and Market Development Committee (PM)
Statistics Committee (SC)
Working Group on the Future of the International Coffee Agreement (WGFA)
General documents (GD)
General information

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* 4. Are you the official designated contact for the ICO?

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