Eco-Reps is Penn's undergraduate environmental leadership program that focuses on raising awareness of environmental issues and impacting the decisions of individuals across campus.

Selected students will work in their College House, Greek chapter, or Athletics Team to develop educational events and initiatives aimed at supporting the University’s Climate Action Plan. Students will have the opportunity to develop projects focused on improving the environmental footprint of their respective building or community.

Eco-Reps is run by staff in Penn's Sustainability Office and is part of the Green Campus Partnership, the umbrella organization of students, staff, and faculty promoting sustainable practices and policies on campus.

We are currently only accepting applications for the Athletics Eco-Reps program and have 3 – 4 more spots available for interested students who want to join. Meetings are 12-1pm on Monday afternoons in Houston Hall.

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Ideal Eco-Reps Candidates Should Be:

- Interested in environmental issues and green living
- Motivated to make a difference among peers
- Enthusiastic about community involvement
- Able to work with others in a team environment
- Friendly, flexible, and willing to hear ideas
- Organized and creative
- Able to dedicate time outside of meetings

Program Participation:

All Eco-Reps are required to attend a weekly meeting with other program members. College House and Greek Eco-Rep meetings take place from 8-9pm every Monday evening in Houston Hall. Athletics Eco-Reps meetings take place once a week during lunch from 12-1 on Mondays. To see the full Eco-Reps calendar click here.

In addition to attending regular meetings with other program members, students are encouraged to attend a bi-weekly lunchtime speaker event every other Wednesday from 12-1pm. Speaker events will focus on introducing members to environmental professionals, and lunch will be provided at events.

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