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* 1. Are you responsible for employee communication in your role?

* 2. Does your organisation have an employee engagement strategy?

* 3. To what extent does your organisation differentiate between employee communication and employee engagement?

* 4. To what extent is the employee communication function responsible for employee engagement in your organisation?

* 5. If you have answered 'Other', please expand on your answer.

* 6. Who 'owns' employee engagement in your organisation?

* 7. If you have answered 'Other', please expand on your answer.

* 8. Who has day-to-day responsibility for defining and managing the Employee Engagement Strategy?

* 9. If you have answered 'Other', please expand on your answer here.

* 10. What role does the Employee Communication function have in the Employee Engagement Strategy?

Please tick all that apply.

* 11. What traditional tools does your team have in your employee communication toolkit? (Noting that some of these channels/means of communicating overlap or are subsets of others).

* 12. If you have answered 'Other', please list the other traditional tools you use.

* 13. Does your employee communication function use social media within the employee communication mix?

* 14. What elements of social media do you use with employees within your organisation?

* 15. If you have answered 'Others', please expand on your answer.

* 16. What are the most effective tools that the Employee Communication team uses in delivering the employee engagement agenda in your organisation?

* 17. On a scale of 1 - 10, how engaged are employees in the delivery of success as defined by your organisation's strategy?

* 18. What would make the greatest beneficial difference to the role of Employee Communication in your organisation to employee engagement?

* 19. If you have answered 'Other' please expand on your answer.

* 20. What have been the biggest changes in your role as an employee communicator in the past 12 months?

* 21. What are the biggest changes you forsee for employee communicators in the next 12 months?

* 22. You are perfectly at liberty to answer this survey anonymously and all information you provide will be used anonymously and solely in the creation of the report drawn from the overall response.

However, with the full agreement of participants, it would be great to feature some case studies in the final report I'll out together at the end of the survey process, and to be able to follow-up with any respondents who provide particularly compelling answers.

So, please fill in as much or as little of the demographic information below as you're comfortable with.

* 23. Thanks for completing this survey - if you've left your details, I'll ensure you get a copy of the final report. If not, I'll post details of how to access the report on my blog - www.insideleapfrog.com - and on the relevant LinkedIn groups once it's published.

If you have any final comments you'd like to add - please leave them here.

Mark Shanahan