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* 1. How would you rate EclipseCon Europe / OSGi Community Event 2017 in general? Please consider all aspects: talks, receptions, exhibits, venue, hotel, food, etc. and be as specific as possible in your comments.

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* 2. What did you like best about EclipseCon Europe / OSGi Community Event 2017?

* 3. What should we do next year to improve your experience?

* 4. What were your two favorite talks this year, and why did you like them?

* 5. Which tracks were important to you? Select all that apply.

* 6. Did you participate in any of the special content or activities this year? Please check all that apply.

* 7. If you attended the Eclipse Unconference, please rate your experience below.

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* 8. How could the organization of the Eclipse Unconference be improved?

* 9. What additional content would you like to see at future events?

* 10. Please rate the various types of sessions you attended at the conference. Comments are very much appreciated.

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Standard Talks
Sponsored Talks

* 11. Please rate these aspects of the conference. Comments are appreciated.

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Social Networking
Theme Days (IoT, Project Quality)
Extra Activities (IoT Playground, BoFs, etc.)

* 12. Have you attended other Eclipse events in the past? Please indicate below.

* 13. What best describes your organization?

* 14. What best describes your role in your organization?

* 15. At which hotel did you stay in Ludwigsburg?

* 16. We are exploring ways to make it easier for community members to attend our conferences, including access to a list of local childcare providers. Would such a list be a benefit to you?