The Minister’s Early Career  Arts Educator Award 2021 is a special award to recognise the work of an educator in their first 5 years of teaching and enable them to undertake professional learning to build their knowledge and skills in their field of The Arts.

There is one award available for an early career teacher of the Arts in a public, catholic or independent school.

The recipient will receive $5,000 to support their professional learning in their chosen Arts field. 

Please note: Before proceeding with this online nomination, we encourage you to download this list of questions that you can use offline to prepare your responses. You are advised to write your responses in a Word document, and copy and paste them into the online nomination form when you’re ready to fill it in.

Partially completed nominations can be finalised using the same device and web-browser on which they were started. When exiting a partially completed nomination, please ensure you click 'next' at the bottom of the page you have been working on before exiting. 
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