Everyday Bombshell Scholarship Application

Because I feel very strongly that everyone deserves to feel sexy and develop confidence, I created the Bombshell Betty® Everyday Bombshell™ Scholarship Program to provide self-esteem enhancing classes, services and products at no charge to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and women overcoming eating disorders, physical disabilities, economic disadvantages and other intense challenges to their self-esteem.

To apply for the Scholarship Program, fill out the form below.


Since March 2004, I have watched my programs create positive changes in the lives of thousands of women across the country and around the world. Participants in my classes, workshops and shows say that my programs have changed the way they see their bodies and their selves, changed the way they relate to others and live in the world, and brought joy and self-acceptance into their lives where they had previously questioned their own worth. Through this program, I have been able to offer these life-altering classes to many people who would not have been able to participate otherwise, bringing more joy to the world one person at a time.


I am able to offer this program because of the generosity, creativity, and dedication of my Burlesquercise students. Every month, we produce an "All Kinds of Sexy Benefit Show" benefitting the Everyday Bombshell Scholarship Fund, where students from my Burlesquercise classes perform for free to help raise money to support this program.

To find out when the next benefit show will be, check out http://burlesqueseduction.com/burlesque/shows/

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* 6. Why do you feel you are a good candidate for this program? The more detail and personal experience you include here, the better. I am looking for your personal story, which sets you apart from other applicants. I am NOT looking for a description of traumatic events here. I am looking for how events have shaped your feelings about yourself and your enjoyment of life, and what you hope participation in this program will do for you. 

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* 7. Can we use your story to represent the Program on the All Kinds of Sexy website? NOTE: This is NOT required to apply for the Scholarship Program. Also, if you want to tell your story, but you want to remain anonymous, we can do that.

We would like to use your story because by telling your story, you can help empower other women to take action and find the resources to help themselves toward their own recovery and a happier, more fulfilling life.

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* 8. If yes, how are you willing to participate? Choose as many options as you'd like.