Help improve our download service

DCLS greatly expanded availability of downloadable ebooks and audiobooks in 2011. We will continue to buy titles (as the budget allows) in 2012 and an update to the web site is being planned. Please take a few minutes to give us some feedback about the service.

* 1. How did you hear about the downloadables?

* 2. Did you get a library card or renew your card because of downloadables?

* 3. I download ebooks or audiobooks from DCLS on average:

* 4. I now check out items from the physical libraries:

* 5. Which name best describes this service?

* 6. I usually read:

* 7. When I search the catalog I usually use:

* 8. When searching I usually:

* 9. I usually:

* 10. Other comments: (If you're having difficulty using the service, please use the Support link at the bottom of each page of the download catalog or e-mail support (at) delcolibraries (dot) org We don't have your e-mail address here on the survey to respond to your questions.)