Criteria for Assessing Topic Suitability for Developing Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines

* 1. Register to get  the new systematic review(s) and guideline(s) ASAP:

* 2. Please state topic you would like the AAPD to consider:

* 3. *Optional* Please list clinical questions that pertain to this topic:

It may be helpful to frame your questions in a "PICO" format that identifies the Population (the individuals or groups for whom an answer is sought), Intervention (the treatment), Comparison (control group for comparison to intervention) and Outcome (the measure(s) used to assess the effects of the intervention)

(Example: "In ___(P)____, what is the effect of
___(I)____ compared with ___(C)____on

"In children (Population), what is the effect of using an electric toothbrush (Intervention) compared to use of a manual toothbrush (Comparison/Control) on caries rate (Outcome)?"

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.
All questions are optional.

These questions are used to used to determine the applicability of your topic to the evidence-based guideline process.

* 4. Will the AAPD be able to add value by issuing guidance? This
would take into account whether

* 5. Would it be timely to provide guidance on the proposed topic?
In particular,

* 6. Would guidance promote improvement in patient care? In
particular, does the topic aim to

* 7. Is the AAPD the most appropriate source of guidance on the