Easton Housing Needs Survey 2021

The Town of Easton has partnered with Old Colony Planning Council to update our 2017 Housing Production Plan. Please take just five to ten minutes to provide your input today - this survey will close soon. All responses are anonymous. Please share this survey with those you know in town, too.

The Housing Production Plan process enables the town to study local housing needs, market conditions, environmental constraints, and issues of affordability. The plan will include new or modified strategies to address unmet housing needs, and recommendations for strategically investing local resources. When a community approves a Housing Production Plan and meets state housing targets, it has more control of housing projects in town.

If you have any questions about this survey or the project, please contact Wayne Beitler, Easton's Community Planner, at wbeitler@easton.ma.us or (508) 230-0645.

It's only with your help that we can develop a plan best-suited for our community. Thank you for your input!

Question Title

1. Are you a resident of the Town of Easton?

17% of survey complete.