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Tell us about your neighborhood!

As someone living in East McKinney, we need your feedback! The City of McKinney is creating a Neighborhood Preservation Plan for East McKinney neighborhoods (Lewisville, La Loma/Lively Hill, Mouzon/Central, Rockwall, and Wilcox) that will provide a strategy to combat displacement in East McKinney. Community input is critical to developing this plan. Your input helps us understand what the biggest needs and challenges are and what would best help to address them.

You will be asked questions about your current housing, what housing you would like in the future, any challenges you are facing, and what would help you overcome challenges. It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey.

All questions are optional, and your answers will only be reported when combined with others. All individual responses are strictly confidential.

At the end of the survey, you will be given the opportunity to enter a draw to win one of five $100 Visa gift cards. Entry in the draw is voluntary, and information provided for the drawing will be kept separate from your survey response to maintain anonymity.

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