Amagansett Food Institute (AFI) is focused on supporting, promoting, and advocating for the farmers, vintners, fishermen, and other food producers and providers on the East End of Long Island.

AFI is conducting a study to explore the feasibility of developing a food hub on the East End that would help local producers connect with buyers in the New York metro area, with the goal of increasing farm revenue for growers, and expanding availability of local farm products for buyers in the metro New York area.

A new food hub on the East End would focus on vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy, and/or grains.

Your survey input is critical to (1) understanding the interest level that buyers such as yourself have in purchasing locally grown farm products, and (2) identifying opportunities for the development of strategies and infrastructure that will help you source local farm products.

This is only a survey and your responses are not binding in any way. All individual survey responses will be kept strictly confidential and responses will be reported in summary form, only for the purposes of this study.
If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Engle at

Thank you for your participation. Please forward this link to others who may be interested in purchasing more local farm products!

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* 1. Please describe your organization.

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* 2. In what zip code is your primary facility (where you receive deliveries)?

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* 3. Who are your preferred distributors for produce, proteins, grains and dairy?