Earthwatch education programs give teachers and students the opportunity to take part in research for the good of the planet while learning about science and geography from world-class scientists, developing fieldwork skills they can utilise in their schools and broadening students’ perspectives about potential career paths.

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TeachLive is an innovative educational program developed by Earthwatch Australia. It gives teachers the opportunity to participate in a scientific research expedition while teaching ‘live’ to their classrooms via the TeachLive website,, and other online tools.

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The Earthwatch Australia Student Challenge program offers scholarships to high school students (aged 15-18) to take part in an immersive scientific research expedition. This experience inspires students to take an interest in science and the environment, empowers them to be part of the solution and opens their eyes to environmental challenges and possible career paths ahead.

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ClimateWatch is a citizen science initiative by Earthwatch Australia focusing on outdoor experiential learning, where people of all ages can discover their local environment, learn about plant and animal species around them while also collecting critical scientific information about how their seasonal behaviour and patterns are being affected by climate change. You can use ClimateWatch in your teaching or learning, or even just on your own in your backyard. Find out more at

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By booking your school group onto an Earthwatch research expedition you will give them the opportunity to explore nature in new and unexpected ways, contribute to field research and return home knowing that their efforts have helped to protect our shared planet and the many species that call it home. Your school can choose between more than 50 expeditions around the world, including observing humpback whales off the Queensland coast, investigating the impacts of climate change on the wildlife of Australia's rainforests and researching the vital ecosystems of the Murray-Darling Basin.

Earthwatch expeditions are suitable for students aged 15 years and older.

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Our education programs aren't the only way to participate in Earthwatch expeditions!
Over the past 45 years more than 100,000 Earthwatch participants have traveled around the world and provided the support needed to tackle urgent environmental challenges, while meeting like-minded travelers who understand that the best experiences are about much more than the places you visit.

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