ePortfolio at LaGuardia

Since its pilot in 2002, ePortfolio at LaGuardia has grown into a cornerstone of student experience and learning at the college. Every year thousands of students begin their LaGuardia experience in First Year Seminar where they begin working on the Core (Next Generation) ePortfolio, an ePortfolio that will stay with them for the duration of their academic career culminating in a Capstone experience. To that end, the ePortfolio has a robust set of activities to support these initiatives and to move student learning forward in meaningful ways by integrating ePortfolio practices. ePortfolio allows students to document and reflect on their learning and builds engagement and student success throughout their time at LaGuardia and beyond in their future educational and professional experiences.

ePortfolio helps students develop their capacities as lifelong learners. As an ePortfolio Consultant, you will get specialized training and support to help you develop these skills as you aid students, faculty, and staff in their ePortfolio work and explorations.

The ePortfolio team at LaGuardia works in three main areas:

  • Building templates in Digication (the ePortfolio system)
  • Supporting ePortfolio work across the campus
  • Outreach and promotion of ePortfolio activities and initiatives