Student Assent

This survey will ask about your experiences in your math, science, English/reading, and history/social studies classes this school year. The survey is being conducted by researchers at the American Institutes for Research (AIR).

You do not have to participate in the survey if you don’t want to. You can also stop taking the survey at any time after you start. Your survey responses help us understand more about your teachers, projects, and your classroom environment. Your answers will be private and will not be shared with your teacher. Only the research staff at AIR who are trained in conducting research will be able to see your survey responses. We are not collecting student names on this survey. We will not publish information that may reveal that you participated in this survey.

If your parent/guardian signed your research consent form and sent it back to your teacher, you cannot take this survey. If your parent/guardian signed and returned a consent form, please let your teacher know that you accidentally received a link to this survey.

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* If you understand this information and agree to take this survey and let the researchers include your responses in the study, please select the “agree” box below. If not, please select the “do not agree” box.

11% of survey complete.