Thank you for choosing to volunteer at elaa Beirut, an initiative to provide free mental healthcare for people affected by the recent explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

Purpose: We would appreciate it if you can complete this online survey to know your availability to take on clients. 

Content: The survey will include some questions you've answered before (e.g., name, accreditation, etc.), however, please complete it as fully as possible so we can match your information accordingly.  

Benefits: Your feedback will help us improve our volunteer services. 

Survey duration: The survey should take no longer than 7 minutes.

Privacy & confidentiality: 

  • Privacy and confidentiality of all personal information will be maintained. We will not be sharing your information with the public or on social media.
  • Our database of volunteers and their contact information will be stored securely and only be accessible to members of the main elaa Beirut team to identify and match therapists with people in need.
  • Once a therapist is matched, your WhatsApp number will be given to the client who will contact you directly to set up an online session.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ms. Luma Bashmi, MA
Founder and Co-Director, elaa Beirut