The e-FISCAL project ( will study costs of the ICT enabled research to enable sustainable budget planning and preservation of the cost effective best practices that remain relevant in the new technology and business landscape created by the Cloud. To succeed in this, the project needs to:
· Categorise different kind of organisations involved in the service provision to understand their specific issues (section “General Information”)
· Assess the overall costs and their breakdown (section “High-level cost information”)
· Collect information about strategic plans (section “Business models”)

Preliminary findings of the project are found in the second deliverable (D2.2.) of the project (

All the answers will be treated confidentially; only averages and other anonymity-preserving results will be published. For any questions related to the survey please contact

Your participation is highly appreciated!

e-FISCAL is Co-funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme under contract number RI-283449