On February 13, 2019, Governor Mike DeWine signed Executive Order 2019-10D establishing the Governor's Warrant Task Force. The charge of the Task Force is to study, discuss, and make recommendations to improve the current system of issuing and serving warrants in Ohio.

On May 31, Governor DeWine and members of the Ohio Governor's Warrant Task Force released a report outlining more than a dozen recommendations for improvements to Ohio's warrant system. One such recommendation is the development of an electronic warrant system that allows warrants to be issued, processed, stored, and served within a single statewide database.

A subcommittee of the Warrant Task Force has been charged with implementing a statewide warrant system. To properly do so, the subcommittee must first consider the needs of and impact on prospective system users. The following questions will help the subcommittee understand the processes and challenges courts face regarding current warrant reporting. It is also important for us to understand the features that you feel are critical for an effective and efficient e-Warrant system.

Please respond to this survey by Friday, September 6. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Your time and cooperation is very much appreciated. 

Thank you.