At Dalhousie Youth Support Services, we appreciate feedback from those who are affected by our work. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey as your feedback is highly important for us.

* 1. Please indicate your relationship to the youth

* 2. Please select what program youth participated in (Choose all that apply)

Indicate your opinions concerning the following aspects of Dalhousie Youth Support Services

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* 3. The relationship with my child has improved since attending DYSS

* 4. My child benefited from attending DYSS

* 5. The staff kept me informed of my child's progress

* 6. My child's confidence improved

* 7. Staff were supportive of my child

* 8. Overall, I was satisfied with DYSS

* 9. If you have additional comments or questions in regards to Dalhousie Youth Support Services, please share them

* 10. Please submit your contact information if you have any additional questions and would like us to contact you