Thank you for responding to our request for your contributions towards a global description of the epidemiology of dysphagia. The survey that follows should take no more than 10 minutes of your time, but will provide us with valuable information and resources - please fill it in with the details of an epidemiological study on dysphagia, or of an epidemiological study of a related condition which collected data on dysphagia. The desciption of the study you give will allow us to collate the information and have a bibliography of studiesĀ  according to types of populations. If you have several studies, please repeat the survey for each one.

If you have additional information that you wish to offer, please feel free to email the Epidemiology Committee team leader, Dr David Smithard,, or the ESSD executive officer Jane Lewis, .

Committee members:
Susan Langmore - USA
David Smithard - UK
Dorte Melgaard - Denmark
Rodrigo Morales - Chile
Inoue, Makoto - Japan
Ebihara, Satoru - Japan
Reinie Cordier - Australia
Oshrat Sella - Israel
Zulin Dou