Dykewriters 2020

The conference is May 6-10,  at a group camp in southern Georgia.

You must register and pay in advance (no onsite registration) by April 15, 2020. If you are unable to register online, email WBWLconference@gmail.com and we will take your registration over the phone.
Treasurer, Dykewriters
Make checks payable to "Dykewriters"

NOTE: A separate $5 parking fee (per vehicle) has to be paid on arrival.

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1. Enter your contact information here. To save resources and time, we prefer communicating via email, but if that does not work for you, do not give your email address. If you have attended Dykewriters before and your contact information is unchanged, just give your name (first and last) and email address (if you use email). If you are new, or if any of your contact information has changed, be sure to fill this out completely.

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2. Do you want all of your contact information in the attendees list?

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3. CHANGES TO CONTACT INFO. So that we can update our database, please check any of your contact information that has changed since you last attended Womonwrites.

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4. What day do you expect to arrive at the conference? This will help the cooks plan meals, which begin Wednesday night.

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5. ACCESSIBILITY. Do you need accessible sleep space? The dining hall is accessible, and four "camper cabins" have ramps. The only accessible shower is in the nearby RV park (associated with the camp). Most of the sleep space is in small “camper cabins,” each with four bunk beds, windows, and electrical outlets, but no heat or AC. They are in groups of four, each close to a bath house. A “staff cabin” has 14 beds, heat, AC, and bathrooms, but is not accessible and has no private rooms. Bring your own sheets, blankets, towels, and toiletries.

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6. SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS. All meals will include vegetarian choices and most will include meat choices. If you have special dietary needs, please specify them here so we can try to accommodate them (for example: vegan, lactose intolerant, salt-free, wheat-free, and any food allergies). The cooks will do what they can, but if there is something critical for your health, you may need to provide this for yourself.

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7. PAYMENT. Please indicate how you will be paying for the conference. The registration fee is between $50 and $175. We keep costs down by running the conference ourselves, so each of us does between two and four 2-hour workshifts, and participates in final cleanup.

Your conference fee covers admission to all conference activities, lodging, and meals. Actual cost to us is about $120 per person, depending on attendance. If you pay more, you're helping someone else who can't afford that.

PARKING PASS:  If you're driving, the park will collect $5 per vehicle for the Georgia Park vehicle fee.  This is good for the entire stay.     

Financial limitations should not prevent your attendance. Assistance may be available in the form of reduced conference fees. No woman will be turned away because of inability to pay.

Mailing address for checks is at top of this page (and on the thank you page when you submit registration).

Full payment is due by April 15.

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8. CONFIRMATION. Everyone who registers online will receive an email confirmation, usually within a week, from WBWLconference@gmail.com.  Please check your spam folder if you're missing the confirmation, or follow up with an email to that address. 

You will also get a follow-up packet, which includes a map and directions, and a few pages of information helpful to newcomers.

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9. Are you able to give someone a ride?  Tell us more here, and include where you're coming from.

Please make sure you click the "Done" button just underneath, in the center of the page.  If you don't click it, you won't be pre-registered, and the registrar won't know that you tried to register.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Georgia pines!