Thank you for your interest in attending Catalyst's training on intimate partner violence and healthy relationships! This free training is being held in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2019. DVAM is held in October every year. It is a month of events that are meant to raise awareness about intimate partner violence in our communities. To learn more about all of the events Catalyst is putting on for DVAM, please visit us at www.catalystdvservices.org or call us at (530) 343-7711. 
The training will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 29th from 9:00am-12:00 pm at Catalyst's Chico Business Office (located at 330 Wall Street, Suite 50 in Downtown Chico). 

The training will focus on identifying risk factors for domestic violence homicide, strangulation in intimate relationships, and the intersection of gun violence and domestic violence. 
After completing this training, you will be able to:

·         Give examples of the three phases in the cycle of violence
·         Discuss safety planning with a victim of Intimate Partner Violence
·         Identify at least three extreme safety risks of Intimate Partner Violence 
·         Identify at least three general barriers to seeking help experienced by victims

All county staff and contract service providers are encouraged to attend!

For questions, please contact Alyssa at 530-343-7711 or alyssa@catalystdvservices.org

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