2017 Public Survey

We'd like to know what is most important to you. For each question, please rank the subtopics (#1 being the most important, and so on). More information about each of the subtopics is provided at the bottom of each page for reference. 

* 1. What is most important to you about the Built Environment? (#1 being the most important)

Definitions for Reference:
  • Ambient Noise & Light: Minimize and manage ambient noise and light levels to protect public health and the integrity of ecological systems
  • Community Water Systems: Provide a clean and secure water supply for all local users through the management of potable water, wastewater, stormwater, and other piped infrastructure
  • Compact & Complete Communities: Concentrate development in compact, human-scaled, walkable centers and neighborhoods that connect to public transit, offer diverse uses and services, and provide housing options for families of all income levels
  • Housing Affordability: Construct, preserve, and maintain an adequate and diverse supply of location-efficient and affordable housing options for all residents
  • Infill & Redevelopment: Focus growth and redevelopment in infill areas to reduce sprawl and ensure existing infrastructure that supports the community is in satisfactory working condition
  • Public Parkland: Create a system of well-used and enjoyable public parkland that feature equitable, convenient access for residents throughout the community
  • Transportation Choices: Promote diverse transportation modes, including walking, biking, and public transit, that are safe, low-cost, and reduce vehicle miles traveled