* 1. DuPage County provides a variety of services to residents. What services are most important to you? (Click all that apply)

* 2. What is the biggest challenge facing county government? (1 most important, 6 least important)

* 3. If you chose traffic congestion as one of the biggest challenges, please specify location.

* 4. DuPage County has not raised the county government property tax line item for the past five years. Should the county consider a property tax or fee increase to make up for drastic cuts in funding made by both the state and federal government or reduce the level of county services?

* 5. Are you aware that DuPage has the highest bond rating possible, which provides a significant cost savings to taxpayers by providing the county with the lowest possible interest rates?

* 6. The Illinois General Assembly recently passed landmark legislation that grants DuPage County authority to dissolve outdated or inefficient county-appointed agencies when it has been determined that cost savings can be achieved. Do you support the county’s mission to reduce the number of local governments?

* 7. Would you prefer certain government services be funded through a user based fee system that promotes individual responsibility (use less water, pay a smaller water bill) or through a property tax system based on home values?

* 8. DuPage County employees have recently gone through LEAN Government training aimed to improve customer service and value, reduce duplication of services and ultimately save taxpayer money. Do you support the county’s initiative to improve customer service?