Mastering Your Digital Transformation – Survey

 Digital transformation is a broad subject that requires competency across strategy and vision, people and culture, processes and governance, as well as technology and capabilities as shown below.

Key Pillars of Digital Transformation (Source: "Mastering Digital Business", BCS, 2017)

While there are perennial capabilities and skills that are required for business success (e.g. investment, leadership, culture, change management and governance), digital transformation requires new capabilities that organizations need to acquire and develop mastery around. These include capabilities related to disruptive technology enablers, platform architectures and business models, digital services mastery, and digital innovation.

The following 12-question self-assessment is intended to help you gauge your organization’s current level of capability for digital transformation, and is based on the four key pillars of digital transformation (as above). We value your opinion and your time. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. All responses will be confidential and no individual responses will be revealed.

All participants who opt-in will be provided with top-line survey results to benchmark against. 

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