As part of implementation of the Downtown Master Plan, the City of Asheville is seeking information about how workers travel to downtown. We often hear from downtown merchants that there is insufficient, inexpensive parking for their employees. Through this survey, we want to know if transit and other modes of transportation can play a larger role in alleviating this problem. Thank you for your time in taking this survey. Your participation will help the City of Asheville make decisions about where to put its transportation resources.

What is downtown? Downtown for our purposes is the area south of I-240, bounded by South Charlotte on the east, south to the intersection of Southside and Asheland, and Asheland up to Hilliard on the west. It is the commercial mixed-use district, and does not include any residential single family neighborhoods.

If you are a business owner, please distribute this survey to your employees either electronically or in hard copy. Hard copies may be returned to the Downtown Association office at 29 Haywood Street.

Please return surveys by Tuesday, March 29.

* 1. How do you travel to work every day?

* 2. If you drive, where do you usually park?

* 3. Have you changed your parking habits because evening parking in downtown decks is no longer free?

* 4. If you park, how much do you pay each day or month?

* 5. Do you know that the City offers monthly parking passes, ranging from $70-$100 for decks; $55-$65 for surface lots; and $30-$45 for on-street parking?

* 6. Do you think there is a shortage of parking downtown?

* 7. If the city were to offer free or reduced parking in the downtown garages for carpooling with 3 or more people, would you consider carpooling to work?

* 8. If the City were to offer a free or low cost shuttle from remote parking areas to downtown, would you use it?

* 9. How high would the price of gasoline have to go for you to consider alternatives to driving alone?

33% of survey complete.