The Cooper Square Committee is conducting a survey of senior citizens in our service area because our local population is aging, and there is a growing demand for senior services. 25% of households between East 5th Street and Delancey Street, and between the Bowery and 1st Avenue, have at least one household member who is 60 or older. The age group 60 and above is among the largest age groups in our community (and the United States).

Many people 60 and over are not financially prepared to retire. In addition, many people 60 and older have chronic health problems, or begin to experience growing social isolation if they are no longer in the work force. Some have become unemployed and want to continue working, but are facing difficulties finding work, and affordable health insurance as well. The Cooper Square Committee is interested in assessing the needs – physical and mental health, social, educational and employment related -- faced by older adults in our community, ages 60 and over.

Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey. It is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, and will help us design programs to better serve our senior clients. The questions are mostly multiple choice. Thank you for your participation!